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Services & Projects

IGL Canada provides expertise in the following services:

Industrial Construction

IGL Canada provides a wide scope of industrial construction to its clientele for the construction of plant facilities and piping including:

  • Earthworks
  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Grading
  • Electrical work
  • Piping and Maintenance

IGL has provided services for tank pads, process piping, fire water systems, foam protection systems, storage ponds (with or without liner systems) and pump installations complete with buildings and foundation work.

Equipment for industrial use has special features including spark arrestors and PASO mechanisms to ensure safe operation. Our staff is trained in confined entry procedures, emergency evacuation, lockout of equipment and permitting.


Infrastructure Rehabilitation

IGL Canada has vast experience in complete infrastructure rehabilitation, utilizing trenchless technology to complement conventional dig and replace construction techniques for infrastructure rehabilitation.

IGL Canada has introduced Insituform, Pipe Bursting, Cement Mortar Lining, and Micro-Tunneling to Western Canada. Other methods employed are augering, coring, slip lining, tunneling, caged trenching and directional drilling.

IGL Canada will continue to solve conventional problems with cost effective and efficient alternatives to communities and owners.

Services include the removal and replacement of existing sanitary, storm and water mains with minimal disruption.


Subdivision Servicing

IGL Canada provides vast experience with complete subdivision servicing. IGL has a reputation of optimizing the economics and constructability of their projects while ensuring compliance with their applicable standards. IGL also has pioneered the utilization of alternative construction materials and construction techniques to assist in providing an economic and low maintenance sub-divisions. This in turn has resulted in long term reduction in maintenance for municipalities.